Customer Service System (CSS) Requests

Customers use the Customer Service System (CSS) to request goods and services from OTech.
To access the CSS system click HERE.

All submitted service requests (SRs) are examined to determine if they are routine or non-routine.

  • Routine SRs are routed to service delivery units where the actual work to deliver the service is performed.
  • Non-routine SRs are scheduled for impact assessment in order to determine OTech's ability to fulfill the request, the amount of time it will take to complete the work, and the cost to deliver the service.

For non-routine SRs, the submitting customer is notified of the results of the impact assessment by an OTech Customer Delivery Division Representative. If it is determined that the service will be delivered, the request is forwarded to the service delivery units for completion.

For all SRs, once OTech has completed the work, the customer is notified and has the opportunity to close the SR or indicate why the SR should not be closed.

How do I request a CSS User ID?

A CSS ID is required to access the CSS system. Request your ID via this link.

CSS Authorizer

A CSS Authorizer is a designated person at the customer department who has the ability to commit department funds. The CSS approves or disapproves SRs generated by department staff, prior to routing to the SRs to OTech's CSS Administrator.

To establish a CSS Authorizer, please contact your Account Lead.

Updated: 5/2/13


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